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End of School

A week ago I finished second grade.   This is a picture of me and my teacher Miss Fieselman. I really  liked her. She’s getting married soon. Next year her name will be Mrs. Van Dyke. Next year my teacher’s name will be Mrs.  Virtue and on Mondays my teacher will be Mr. Virtue – who are my parents :)   I am excited to try home schoolling in the Phillipines but will miss my friends.  I hope I’ll see them when I’m in 4th grade.



My Philippines School Project

My teacher let me do a project on the Philippines for school.  I liked sharing with my class about where I’m going to live.

Here are some facts about the Philippines. The main language is Tagalog, but most people speak English. Which I’m glad about because I don’t speak Tagalog.  It is very hot!!!  You can look at the picture of my project below for more facts about the Philippines.

My Class Project on the Philippines


 Me at school with my teacher






Going to the Philippines means having to get shots. I didn’t want to do it. This is a picture of when we got our typhoid shots.  It was hard for everyone.   When it was time to get our shots we prayed in the lobby.   We had to get shots so we won’t get sick. The shot hurt, but not as bad as I thought.

I was a little scared to get the shot.


This is when I prayed with my brother and sister before the shot.


My sister Kaelyn and I after the shot.


This is all of us with our band-aids.


 Pray the shots work and we don’t get sick!

Welcome to Morgan in Manila!

Welcome to Morgan in Manila !!!   

This blog “Morgan in Manila” is about my life in Manila.  I don’t know if I want to leave my friends and family.  I’m excited to make new friends. 

One day my Mom had us paint pictures of what we were exicted about. I drew a picture of a pink airplane going to the Philippines    It’s  going to be a long plane ride!!!  I’m probably going to read the whole flight.

Here’s the pictures of the plane I drew! I’m excited to share more about going to Manila with my family!