Monthly Archives: July 2013

Filipino Food

My friend Nini and her parents took us to a Filipino restaurant before we go to Manila. She and her dad are from the Philippines.  I had lumpia, but not sure I liked it.  This is me trying lumpia.


Kaelyn liked lumpia though and ate all the ones we had pretty much and was asking for more.  She tried everything too even the noodles.


We had something called Halo Halo which was really good. This is me with my friend Nini and her dad.  We also had some vanilla ice cream.  During dinner the electricity went out and they said that might be something that happens sometimes to us in the Philippines. They called it a brown out.


* Couldn’t quite post this one before we left so just found some internet time to get it up (Brian)

Moving Out Interview With Kaelyn & Colin

Here is the other video from when we moved out. I was the interviewer and I interviewed my brother Colin and my little sister Kaelyn.  It got a little crazy. But my dad edited out some of the crazy parts.

Morgan in Manila 7/7/13: Morgan Interviews Her Siblings from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.