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Rain and Floods

It has rained A LOT here! It’s rained so much we haven’t been able to go anywhere for a few days.   We helped pack bags of food for people today and may help more tomorrow.

Here’s a video explaining what we were doing. There are some pictures too.

IGSL Flood Relief from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.

Here are some pictures.





McDonalds in Manila

I like going to McDonalds here. I like the orange drink that comes with the happy meals. I like that the ice cream doesn’t cost that much and my mom lets me buy it.

But there are a lot of things that are different.  Here McDonalds sells fried chicken and rice and spaghetti. See the picture. Pizza Hut and Wendy’s sell fried chicken and spaghetti too.  That’s a little strange.  The spaghetti does not taste the same though.  My dad likes the apple pies. He says they are different here.

I like going to McDonalds here because it’s mostly the same as back home. And sometimes we get to go to Krispy Kreme donuts as a reward too.



Plane Ride and Pictures in Korea

Here’s a video before our plane took off to Korea.

video-2013-08-01-12-46-40 from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.

The plane ride was very long. It was 13 hours to go to Korea and then 4 hours from Korea to the Philippines.  I could not sleep well because they kept turning the lights on when I wanted to sleep and then turned them off when I wanted to be awake.

They had tv’s on the movie so we could watch movies. They had wall-e and peter pan.  That helped. They had some games too.  I also played and read on my Kindle.  I did not sleep very much.

When we stopped in Korea lots of people took our pictures.  At one point we were getting food and my mom looked over and a lady had picked up Kaelyn and she was on her lap taking a picture. There were two other groups that wanted to take pictures with us.  I think they wanted to take pictures of us because we are cute :) It was a nice airport and they had a Snoopy and Charlie Brown and a Hello Kitty Cafe which was cute.  Then we had to get back on a plane.

I will write more about what it’s like here. Here is another video from the plane to the Philippines with my sister Kaelyn. She’s funny.

KidsOnPlanetoManila from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.