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The Worst Taxi


     We take taxi’s everywhere because we do not have a car. One day we got in a taxi and we wanted to go to the mall. On the way we saw a lady’s car break down.  Then we saw someone throw a rock in the back of the lady’s car. He was angry and mean.

Our driver was not very good. He turned the music up really loud.  The taxi driver turned out to be a very bad driver.  He drove crazy and Kaelyn got carsick and threw up.  Hopefully, we never have that taxi driver ever again.

Here is a picture of us pretending like we were in the crazy taxi.



Slip N Slide

It has been raining a lot since we came here.  There was a monsoon. That just means it rained a lot for a long time and it rained hard. That is why there were floods.

When it rains the hallways in our building get really wet and we can slide on them like a slip and slide.  It is fun. These are videos of our first time trying it with our friend Joshua who is from here. He showed us how to do it.  My mom even tried to do it and Kaelyn did too.

Manila Slip N Slide 1 from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.



Christine Slip N Slide Manila from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.