Monthly Archives: October 2013


I went upstairs to my bother’s friends house. His older sister Alyssa was going to eat balut. We heard about balut before we came to the Philippines.  Balut is an egg, like from a chicken, but it’s not raw and it is not hard-boiled.  It’s got a tiny baby chicken inside with feathers and small bones and everything.  

My  mom thought we should watch our friend Alyssa eat balut. So she started to eat the chick. I did not like watching her eat it. I don’t think I will eat balut. But my grandpa likes balut. He described it as like a crunchy chicken soup.  Maybe when he comes to visit he will have some balut. But I don’t think I will eat balut with him. My papa might, but I don’t think my nana or grandma will eat balut either.


My First Jeepney Ride

Yesterday I rode a Jeepney for the first time. I liked it. A Jeepney looks almost like a toy bus. Like the one in the picture above but that was not the one we rode. They are all decorated and painted very differently.

It was fun for the first part because it was just our family and the guy who brings us clean water to drink who helped us get on and pay. But then a lot of people started to get on.  And then the Jeepney stopped for gas while we were all inside.  It was a very bumpy ride.

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Christmas in September

Christmas is a very big deal here. They start to celebrate in September here. It’s different for us because in the U.S.A we start celebrating in December or after Thanksgiving. Christmas season started a few weeks ago.

At the mall and all the stores here they play Christmas music and put up Christmas trees.  I like that they play Christmas music everywhere so much. Our friends put their Christmas decorations at the same time we put up decorations for Halloween.  It’s a good thing I like Christmas.