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I Was a Flower Girl

Last Saturday me and Colin were in a wedding for a couple who was from Myanmar  with our friends Abigail and Josh. Abigail and I were flower girls. Colin was the ring bearer and Josh was the bible bearer.

For the wedding we had to wear sky blue. So we went to the mall and I got a blue dress.  I tried it on and the workers said I look like Elsa from Frozen. So we got the dress and I really liked it. And during the wedding I got to carry the garland, which is like flowers on a rope. At the beginning of the reception we did a dance entrance that was fun. Every one in the wedding and even KK my little sister got to do it even though she wasn’t in the wedding.  Here are some pictures. It was fun that they asked us to be in their wedding!!

IMG_4719 IMG_4701 IMG_4747 IMG_4721 IMG_4693 IMG_4752 IMG_4692

Back in America

Going home was so awesome!!!!!!!!!  It was really fun though I didn’t like the plane ride. We did a lot of fun stuff. But I don’t  know what was my favorite . When we were home we visited my Grandma and Papa in Nipomo.  We painted a kids jeep to look like Lightning McQueen.


We got to ride bikes a lot while home and that was really fun because we don’t get to do that in the Philippines.  We also visited our cousins in Denver Colorado . And it was awesome !!!!!

We got to go swimming, and we went to a trampoline place and saw my other cousins in Long Beach.  We celebrated Easter and helped Nana make the lamb cake with all my little cousins. It was so fun!!


Me and my mom also spent the night at my aunt’s house with two of my cousins Adele and Cora while  my uncle was out of town. It was nice  not being different  because here we look kind of different because of our skin. We also got to go to Downtown Disney with  my cousins Maddie, Leia, Adel and Cora and our grandparents and one of or aunts.  It was fun doing a lot of things we don’t get to do in Manila and be with our family and cousins.  Here are some pictures.

DSCN0608 IMG_20140416_134216_725 IMG_4393 IMG_4358