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Do You Want to Build a Playground?

I liked this title because it reminded me of the song “Do you want to build a snowman?” from the movie Frozen which my sister and I like a lot.

Here is a video I helped make with some friends to help raise money for a new playground for all the kids that have to live at IGSL for a long time.  It will come in April and some from my school will come too and I am excited about that.  Please watch it!

Come Help Build A Playground! from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.

Here is the link to the fundraising page which is connected directly to Kids Around the World which is overseeing the project:

Me and Malongs

20140911_123900While we were at the cultural park we also went to the museum about native clothing in the Philippines, going back over 100 years!  At the museum they did a live demonstration and I and my family all had to try different outfits on.

They showed us how to make a dress, a turban, shorts, and a skirt all from one piece of fabric which is calling a Malong.  Some of the women at IGSL wear them at special events like my friend Ella’s mom from India.  It was a lot of fun trying different ways of wearing it.

One of the dresses we were was like what girls have to wear in the Middle East where all people can see is the eyes.  They told us if you wear it and do not cover up the whole face, that that means you are married. If all you can see are the eyes, then it means you are single.  It was a little hot.  Can you imagine wearing that all the time?  It would be especially hot to wear in the Philippines because it is so hot and humid!

20140911_124147 20140911_124302

Doing the Tinikling Dance

A few days ago my family and I went to a cultural park.  We went to a show about the Philippines national dances.  There were several very nice dances.

At the end they did one dance called Tinikling and they needed volunteers. One of them picked me since we were sitting in the front row.  So I went up on the stage and they helped me learn Tinikling.  Tinikling is a dance where there are people who have long bamboo poles and they bang them together while someone else dances over the bamboo poles without tripping or falling.

I was really nervous to do it on stage.  I was kind of embarrassed because of stage fright. But I am really glad I did it though.  They did a lot of different native dances to the Philippines and they were wearing different types of native outfits.  I thought they were beautiful.

I’m really glad we went to see the show and that I got to try the dance.  It was really fun.  Here is the video of me trying the Tinikling and below is video of other people doing a real Tinikling dance.

Morgan Trying Filipino National Dance from Brian Virtue on Vimeo.