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Beauty and the Beav

On Saturday, my Dad and I went to see the play Beauty and the Beast. It was my Birthday present even it is January and my birthday is in March. I will be 10!  It was really fun, but we forgot binoculars so we bought some plastic ones that they sold for 75 pesos and they worked good.

The play was really, really, really, really good!  My favorite parts were the “Be Our Guest” song and when Belle was reading to the Beast, and when Belle and the Beast were dancing together.  The tickets said the play was the Broadway performance and it was good.  We also ate dinner at KFC which is one of my favorite place to eat here in the Philippines.

When I got home I told my little sister K.K. all about it and she was so excited to hear about it.  I had a really good time with my Dad and we like to go to musicals and plays together. Last year we went to a Filipino version of Cinderella.  We called our date “Beauty and the Beav” because Beav is his nickname and we were going to see Beauty and the Beast.

Here are some pictures we took from going to Beauty and the Beast.

P.S. Lumiere was so funny!  :)






Filipino Frozen

Before Christmas we went to a place called Baguio, which was in the mountains and about five hours away from where we live.  It was really fun.  It was really cold and we got to wear jackets!

We did a lot of fun things, but one of my favorite things was seeing Frozen characters at a Christmas Village in Baguio. It was cool.  They had a nativity show with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Angels, Wise Men, and Shepherds and it was really cool.  At the end of the nativity show it was funny because Elsa from frozen was in the stable with the shepherds for a while.  Then we got to take pictures with them.

After the nativity show KK was asking why Anna and Elsa were there and were they lived.  We asked her if they thought they were real. She said they were real even though all the characters were Filipino.  After the nativity it started snowing, but it was fake snow because it doesn’t snow in the Philippines.  It was soapy bubbles that looked like snow.

It was a fun night seeing Filipino Frozen characters and seeing the nativity show and drinking hot chocolate with fake snow.  Here are some pictures we took with the characters…..


IMG_6368 IMG_6354 IMG_6343

New Years Eve in Tagaytay

A few days after Christmas, my family went to a place called Tagaytay. It’s a place in the Philippines that is about two and a half hours from where we live.  A man gave some rooms at a hotel and condominium that he build there to IGSL so we went over New Year’s Eve to avoid a lot of the smoke from all the fireworks in Manila. It can get a little crazy on New Year’s Eve here!

We we got to the hotel, we found out we were staying on the 22nd floor.  It was high and we could see a lot from our balcony. It was really cold there for the Philippines and we had to wear jackets for the first time in a long time.  Our room was small but we had enough beds for all of us.

The next day we went with our friends the Hobson’s to brunch as a restaurant called Antonio’s. My dad, Colin, and Kuya Steve almost died because when they were turning into the restaurant a sports car was speeding and going the wrong direction on the wrong and almost hit them.  It was scary, but they were ok. At the restaurant I ordered “The Devil’s Delight.”  It is chocolate pancakes with powdered sugar, chocolate sauce, and chocolate ice cream. It was so good!  I was so full I could hardly walk.

After brunch, we went to Sky Ranch, which was like a carnival.  My mom let us each pick one ride.  KK wanted to jump so she did a bounce house.  I picked a trampoline where you get in a harness and then you jump super high.  Colin picked these car things and we all got to go on them.

My dad was sick a lot of the time.  On the day before we went home, he got a rash and my mom was freaking out because she thought it was from dengue fever.  But later we found out that it was not.  We made it home super fast which was nice because there is always a lot of traffic here.

Here’s a picture from the restaurant where we had dinner on New Year’s Eve.  The first island thing you see there is a volcano!