Monthly Archives: February 2015

Go home….Or Stay

IMG_6203Right now my family and I are trying to figure out if we will stay here at IGSL and the Philippines or go home back to California.

If we stay here will will need to move over by our friends and go to Faith Academy for school.  That’s an international school where a lot of kids from Korea, the United States, and other places go here.  Colin and I visited the school once and went to class with our friends Susanna and Daniel.

I think I want to go home in April, but I am still thinking about it.  I’ve had a hard time here with some of my friends, but it’s been a little bit better than before.  I’ve been feeling sad here the last few weeks.

Yesterday we looked at a house just in case we stay here.  It was nice, but we didn’t think it was the house for us. My mom and I went and looked at some more because if we stay we need to find a good place to live since we can’t live at IGSL anymore.  I think I am 60/40 going home vs. staying in the Philippines.

I’m not sure I want to stay and it kind of makes me nervous to think about staying here.  I really miss my family and friends though I’m really lucky that I get to skype with family and friends sometimes.  If we come home soon I can’t wait to see y’all!!