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Bye Bye Old Playground

IMG_6914IMG_6923A couple of day sago some men came took the old playground away.  Now all that is left is the monkey bars.  I told my mom the slide was crying to leave IGSL.  The slide wasn’t really crying. It was just dripping water from the rain.  It was kind of sad to see the playground go, but I’m glad we’re getting a new one soon here!

I think it is good the playground was taken away because it was dangerous. Last year three kids went to the hospital because of it and last week one of my friends got hit in the head with one of the swings.  A lot of the kids will be here for 2-4 years and they need a safe place to play.

Some kids are sad there is no playground right now, but those that know a new playground is coming are REALLY, REALLY excited.  I can’t wait to see my friends in April

See some of the pictures of the playground being taken away.  Kaelyn was really sad because she wanted to go down the slide.  She was super sad for a couple of days.




My 10th Birthday

I was born on March 12, 2005.  My 10th birthday was two weeks ago.  My party was really fun.  Ate Lose from Tonga and Ate Aneng and my mom hand sewed streamers for my birthday. It was amazing. Our friends Alyssa and Trisha Mamburam helped me make a banner that said “Happy Birthday Morgan.”  My mom thought of the perfect stuff for a My Little Pony birthday party.  She got great MLP (My Little Pony) streamers, MLP Bingo, MLP pin the tail on the Pinkie Pie, and my little pony food labels. We gave special titles to all of our food. My friends Alita, Abigail, Krisha, Ella, Mary, Anna, Faith, Faye, and Praisy came.


It was really fun. I still can’t believe I’m double digits. It’s totally crazy! During the party everyone shared something they liked about me.  KK said I was the Best Sister Ever :)  I had a really good time at the party. We had chocolate cake and chocolate cupcakes.  Below are some pictures we took at the party. Enjoy :)




My Librarian Job

This year I got the idea to start a library for my friends when I gave my friend Mary from Vietnam an American Girl book for her birthday.  The next day Mary told me she had already finished the book!  All of my friends (Alita and Abigail from Pakistan, Faith from Thailand, Ella from India, Mary, and Krisha from the Philippines all wanted me to let them borrow books.

So I got all the American Girl, Magic Tree House, and Nancy Drew books I have already read and made a library out of them.  The girls LOVE the library and are sad when I have to temporarily close it.  Thin of a public library. It’s almost the same, but this is different in four ways.

1.  It’s smaller.
2.  It’s for girls only.
3.  It’s run by a 10 year old.
4.  It’s Free!

IMG_6776 I guess that means I’m a librarian.  I like the library.  It makes me feel good because it makes the girls happy.  My friend Faith wrote me a very nice thank you note for letting her borrow books.  See a picture of her note and other pictures of my friends checking out books above.  Enjoy :)


Getting a New Bible

A couple weeks ago at our church I got my first real Bible.  I was really nervous at first because I didn’t know what I would be doing.  My class attended the main worship service and after the worship time was over we went up in front on the stage.  All of us in the fourth grade got Bibles.


The pastor gave us each a Bible and prayed for us. I was really nervous, but I didn’t need to be nervous.  After we got our Bibles we went back to our class and we all got pizza!  The teacher had us glue a certificate into our Bibles with our name .

I’m really happy that I got a Bible.  To me getting a real Bible seems really grown up.  I can’t wait until next Sunday!  Here are some pictures of my Bible and me getting it at church.