Bye Bye Old Playground

IMG_6914IMG_6923A couple of day sago some men came took the old playground away.  Now all that is left is the monkey bars.  I told my mom the slide was crying to leave IGSL.  The slide wasn’t really crying. It was just dripping water from the rain.  It was kind of sad to see the playground go, but I’m glad we’re getting a new one soon here!

I think it is good the playground was taken away because it was dangerous. Last year three kids went to the hospital because of it and last week one of my friends got hit in the head with one of the swings.  A lot of the kids will be here for 2-4 years and they need a safe place to play.

Some kids are sad there is no playground right now, but those that know a new playground is coming are REALLY, REALLY excited.  I can’t wait to see my friends in April

See some of the pictures of the playground being taken away.  Kaelyn was really sad because she wanted to go down the slide.  She was super sad for a couple of days.




10 thoughts on “Bye Bye Old Playground

  1. Phyllis

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the building and dedication of the new playground. My friend, Sandy, is the librarian at LHS. She gave me wonderful nooks for your library. I gave them to Nana and she will try and find a way to get them to you.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Phyllis for the books I really like them and KK really liked the bearsting bear books Morgan :)

  2. Karen virtue

    Morgan, thanks for writing. All the people coming were on stage today and prayed for. I was a bit teary , but so happy too. What a big week you all are going to have. So proud of you!
    Love Nana

  3. fwaidley

    Aloha Morgan! I was so sad to hear you have no playground right now but so happy you soon will have a new one! Also exciting to hear that many of your friends are coming over to help you rebuild the new one! God is using you in Manila to touch so many people with His love through you!

  4. Erin Ryan

    Hi Morgan,
    We are praying for you and the families traveling to build the playground next week.

    In chapel this week Mrs. Barton and Miss Norton shared how excited they are to be coming to see you and we sang the song Mr. Kell wrote about building the playground!

    I work with the 2nd graders on Wednesday night here at church and Katie Dahl is in my class. She is so excited to come help build.


    1. Post author

      Erin, can you please say hi to Katie Dahl for me? Thank you for praying. Morgan :)

  5. Heather Davidson

    Morgan, I am so excited to come see you tomorrow! I am flying to Manila with Mrs. Barton and her daughter, Sarah. I have been praying for you and am so excited to work on a new playground that will be a blast to play on. See you soon!

    Heather Davidson

    1. Post author

      Heather, I’m glad you came with the playground I really like the beads you gave me. Morgan :)


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