Getting a New Bible

A couple weeks ago at our church I got my first real Bible.  I was really nervous at first because I didn’t know what I would be doing.  My class attended the main worship service and after the worship time was over we went up in front on the stage.  All of us in the fourth grade got Bibles.


The pastor gave us each a Bible and prayed for us. I was really nervous, but I didn’t need to be nervous.  After we got our Bibles we went back to our class and we all got pizza!  The teacher had us glue a certificate into our Bibles with our name .

I’m really happy that I got a Bible.  To me getting a real Bible seems really grown up.  I can’t wait until next Sunday!  Here are some pictures of my Bible and me getting it at church.





6 thoughts on “Getting a New Bible

  1. Auntie laurie

    Congrats! Congrats! Are you going to do that reading plan? Josh & grace just got their first real bibles too! They really like them. How was your birthday?

    1. Post author

      Thanks Aunt Laurie. I’m kind of doing the Bible reading plan. My B-day was great. Pls. say hi to everyone for me. Miss u. Morgan:)

  2. Karen virtue

    THanks for sharing Morgan. Ok to be nervous. Some people get nervous first and then relax, and some relax first and get nervous later! Then there is grandpa Tom, who is in a category of his own!!
    I love it you had pizza after, and that you were wearing the green skirt!!!
    Love you! Nana

    1. Post author

      Nana, Grandpa does not have his own category :) I miss u love u Nana say hi to everyone for me Morgan

  3. tomvirtue

    I don’t know what Nana is saying! I don’t have my own category.
    Love it that you have your own Bible Morgan. Most of all I love you. Thanks for writing. I love hearing from you any time. Grandpa

    1. Post author

      I’ll tell Nana u don’t have your own category :) Love u and miss u Grandpa Morgan


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