My Librarian Job

This year I got the idea to start a library for my friends when I gave my friend Mary from Vietnam an American Girl book for her birthday.  The next day Mary told me she had already finished the book!  All of my friends (Alita and Abigail from Pakistan, Faith from Thailand, Ella from India, Mary, and Krisha from the Philippines all wanted me to let them borrow books.

So I got all the American Girl, Magic Tree House, and Nancy Drew books I have already read and made a library out of them.  The girls LOVE the library and are sad when I have to temporarily close it.  Thin of a public library. It’s almost the same, but this is different in four ways.

1.  It’s smaller.
2.  It’s for girls only.
3.  It’s run by a 10 year old.
4.  It’s Free!

IMG_6776 I guess that means I’m a librarian.  I like the library.  It makes me feel good because it makes the girls happy.  My friend Faith wrote me a very nice thank you note for letting her borrow books.  See a picture of her note and other pictures of my friends checking out books above.  Enjoy :)


12 thoughts on “My Librarian Job

  1. tomvirtue

    Morgan, this is your first business! At some point you can open a business that isn’t free, but I love that you are serving people while having fun and using some of your gifts of organizing.
    We work with college students who wouldn’t know how to have an idea like this and do all the organization to get it started. What great experience!
    I love you.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Grandpa I really like doing the library for all of my friends.I miss u all a lot I can’t wait to skype soon. Morgan :)

  2. Beth O'Connor

    Yay! What a fabulous idea!! I’m a huge supporter of my local library and love spreading the joy of reading too. My girls also love Magic Tree House, Nancy Drew, and the American Girl books. Libraries are an equalizer of people and this is another reason I love them. Great job!!

    1. Morgan

      I’m glad your girls like Magic Tree House, Nancy Drew, American Girl books. I’m glad you like your public library. :) Morgan

  3. Phyllis

    You are amazing! I know friends are coming to build the playground. Maybe they can bring some more books for your library.

  4. Conni

    What a wonderful opportunity for you, Morgan! And such a creative way to share the blessing God gave YOU (and the many people who gave you the books!) with others. We aren’t meant to keep our blessings to ourselves!

  5. Karen virtue

    Shoot. It only sent first line of what I wrote? Told me I needed to slow down I was typing too fast. That is funny and first I have ever been to,d I am typing too fast:) I will try again. Love nana

  6. Karen virtue

    morgan, love the library idea. Phyllis wants to send some books to you! I will check them out. Had briefing at church and it was so fun. Brenda B and Heather D made me cry when they talked about how excited they are to see you in Manila. God is working through you in so many ways!!
    We are getting ready to make lamb cake and I wish I could send you mold. Too heavy:(.
    So proud of you!!

  7. Jui Pal

    Dear Morgan, I think this is an amazing idea and a lovely way to share with your friends. I just finished going to school to become a librarian – so I am especially excited to see you setting up a library for your friends. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Uncle Jeff

    That’s brilliant, Morgan! I’m going to pull a Bosom Buddies scheme so I can borrow from your girls only library…(ask your dad to look up a picture of that reference for you).


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