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KK Goes to Pre-School

My little sister Kaelyn or KK started pre-school last week at AIS here on campus. That stands for Achievers International School I think.  She goes with her friend Xielo Zaragosa.  KK said that pre-school was really fun.  She goes to school Tuesday to Friday.  All of the teachers are girls and Monday there is no school because the teachers I think are all in PIM which meets on Mondays.  KK was nervous and excited at first, but now she can’t wait to go back!


At AIS the kids have to wear uniforms.  They have to wear uniforms.  They have to wear white collar shirts, navy blue skirts (or shorts for the boys) and black shoes.  KK said that at school they color, eat their snacks, and then wait for the parents to pick them up.  KK can’t share food with anyone because she has a peanut allergy, which means that she’ll get sick if she eats anything with peanut.

I can’t believe my little four year old sister is going to pre-school.  KK gets really happy when people ask her about school.  KK was really happy when our grandma and her cousins Maddie and Leia called and asked her about pre school.  KK is really excited to go back to school tomorrow.  See some of the pictures of her going to school and in her uniform!

IMG_7496 IMG_7497


Last week my family and I went on vacation on an island.  To get there we had to drive and then take a boat.  The boat was terrible.  I got sea sick.  When we went snorkeling the next day I felt a lot better.  My dad and I went out and saw a lot of fish.  There were striped ones, yellow ones, blue ones, and even rainbow ones!  It was really cool.


I saw some black spiky things and they were really scary looking.  One looked at me with red eyes!  I was really scared. I kept screaming underwater.  I’m pretty sure they were poisonous.  The coral was really pretty and there were  many different colors.


Then we got into small boats and we went to deeper water.  We fed the small fish bread and they ate it out of my hand!  They also bit you a little bit, but it didn’t hurt.  Then we swam around and save a lot of cool stuff.  On the way back to the shallow water we held onto a rope attached to the boat and the boat dragged us back.  We could snorkel and see lots of fish while the boat pulled us around.

It was really fun and I liked it a lot!  But it was exhausting!  I hope I can go back againsomeday.  Here are some pictures we took.  I really like snorkeling!