KK Goes to Pre-School

My little sister Kaelyn or KK started pre-school last week at AIS here on campus. That stands for Achievers International School I think.  She goes with her friend Xielo Zaragosa.  KK said that pre-school was really fun.  She goes to school Tuesday to Friday.  All of the teachers are girls and Monday there is no school because the teachers I think are all in PIM which meets on Mondays.  KK was nervous and excited at first, but now she can’t wait to go back!


At AIS the kids have to wear uniforms.  They have to wear uniforms.  They have to wear white collar shirts, navy blue skirts (or shorts for the boys) and black shoes.  KK said that at school they color, eat their snacks, and then wait for the parents to pick them up.  KK can’t share food with anyone because she has a peanut allergy, which means that she’ll get sick if she eats anything with peanut.

I can’t believe my little four year old sister is going to pre-school.  KK gets really happy when people ask her about school.  KK was really happy when our grandma and her cousins Maddie and Leia called and asked her about pre school.  KK is really excited to go back to school tomorrow.  See some of the pictures of her going to school and in her uniform!

IMG_7496 IMG_7497

5 thoughts on “KK Goes to Pre-School

  1. Auntie laurie

    Morgan…I can tell how proud you are of your little sis! You are such a great big sis! You’ve given her an excellent example to follow! Thanks for sending the pics! Love them! Love & miss you tons & tons!

    KK—you are beautiful! I LOVE your uniform! You are dressed for success! You are going to have so much fun!! Proud of you sweet girl!

  2. fwaidley

    Wow I can’t believe Kaelyn is in pre-school too! Like you Morgan, she has grown-up so quickly! She looks amazing in her uniform! I love seeing her little friend, Xielo too!

  3. karen virtue

    Hi Morgan, love how you look out for Colin and KK! You are about the best big sister and oldest cousin I can think of. Miss you but heard about your overnight and fun you had! Hope to talk soon. We are all loving summer schedule! Seems like the same for you all. Love nana

  4. Erin Ryan

    Wow! Amazing that she is already in preschool! I hope you are also enjoying your new school. We miss you and your family and love to see the updates from your parents about what is going on there. Sorry I have not been on here in a while. I will be sure to share with Jack & Ethan as well!


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